About me

Me and a baby I found
Me and a baby I found in my house.

I am Antti Kurittu, I sometimes write things that I want to write about. I used to be a police officer with the Helsinki Police Department investigating computer crime. I also did some forensics.

I’ve worked a few years as a CERT duty officer, and as a senior specialist building a national support program for critical infrastructure cyber exercises.

I do public speaking gigs every once in a while, and sometimes train companies to understand cybercrime risks.¬†Currently I work for Nixu Corporation as DFIR Team Lead.¬†I’m also a BJJ blue belt.

Here’s my GitHub page which contains some random silly stuff I’ve written.

I do not maintain a social media presence anymore. If you come across “my” account on one of them, please let me know. It’s probably not me and if they’re not funny enough I might do something about it.