[Public Exposure] A Discrete Affair

How much do you need to know about a person to fall in love with them? Do you need to see their face or touch their body to form a strong emotional bond? Or can you fall in love with someone over the telephone? A new reality show called “Love Is Blind” explores this question, having contestants exclusively talk to each other through an opaque wall and then decide whether to get married or not.

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[HackerNews] Ukraine Secret Service Arrests Hacker Helping Russian Invaders

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said it has detained a “hacker” who offered technical assistance to the invading Russian troops by providing mobile communication services inside the Ukrainian territory. The anonymous suspect is said to have broadcasted text messages to Ukrainian officials, including security officers and civil servants, proposing that they surrender and take […]

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[ZDNet] OpenSea confirms outage after platforms report issues with displaying NFTs

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OpenSea said programmatic access to the API was fully restored within hours. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[TheRecord] EU to fund bug bounty programs for LibreOffice, Mastodon, three others

The European Union will fund a bug bounty program for five open source projects that are heavily used by public services across the EU. The five programs include LibreOffice, a document editing app and a free alternative to Microsoft Office; Mastodon, a web-based utility for hosting your private social network; Odoo, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application; Cryptopad, an […]

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