[NCSC-FI News] 2021 Website Threat Research Report

Our Website Threat Research Report details our findings and analysis of emerging and ongoing trends and threats in the website security landscape. This is a collection of the observations made by Sucuri’s Research and Remediation experts of data collected on web-based malware, vulnerable software, and attacks during 2021.

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[ESET] Android 12 will give you more control over how much data you share with apps

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An all-new privacy dashboard and better location, microphone and camera controls are all aimed at curbing apps’ data-slurping habits The post Android 12 will give you more control over how much data you share with apps appeared first on WeLiveSecurity Source: Read More (WeLiveSecurity)

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-05-31

Nettipetoksia tehnyt vangittiin www.poliisi.fi/tietoa_poliisista/tiedotteet/1/1/nettipetoksia_tehnyt_vangittiin_90541?language=fi Petokset ovat olleet enimmäkseen tyypillisiä nettipetoksia, joissa myydään olematonta tavaraa hyväuskoisille ihmisille lähinnä Tori.fi-sivustolla. Hacker leaks database of dark web hosting provider www.zdnet.com/article/hacker-leaks-database-of-dark-web-hosting-provider/ “This information could substantially help law enforcement track the individuals running or taking part in illegal activities on these darknet sites, ” Under the Breach told ZDNet. The […]

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[ZDNet] AWS goes down and with it goes a host of websites and services

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You may not know it but many of the websites and services you rely on run on Amazon Web Services, and when it goes down, so do they. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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