[ZDNet] Senate committee wants foreign interference social media reporting rules by next Australian election

A Senate Select Committee received testimony prior to the new year that both government and social media platforms are unsure of how to go about reporting foreign interference on social media platforms.

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-01-22

Weekly Threat Report 22nd January 2021 www.ncsc.gov.uk/report/weekly-threat-report-22nd-january-2021 The NCSC’s weekly threat report is drawn from recent open source reporting. A look at the NIS 2.0 Recitals cert.at/en/blog/2021/1/nis2-recitals-feedback Cyber Criminals Leave Stolen Phishing Credentials in Plain Sight blog.checkpoint.com/2021/01/21/cyber-criminals-leave-stolen-phishing-credentials-in-plain-sight/ Check Point Research recently joined forces with Otorio to analyze and take a deep dive into a large […]

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[SANS ISC] Webshells, Webshells everywhere! , (Tue, Dec 7th)

All posts, Sans-ISC

I recently started experimenting with a new page to analyze our web honeypot data. This page lists all URLs not seen before. (see https://isc.sans.edu/weblogs/firstseen.html ). So far, this has been useful in finding some new or exciting data. For example, yesterday, an attacker started scanning for webshells. These scans popped up because the attacker also supplied […]

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[TheRecord] Germany warns of ransomware attacks over Christmas, citing Emotet return, unpatched Exchange servers

The German cybersecurity authority has told German organizations to expect ransomware and other cyber-attacks over the Christmas and end-of-year holidays, citing the return of the Emotet botnet and the large number of Microsoft Exchange email servers that have been left unpatched. The Emotet gang, which began rebuilding its botnet two weeks ago, has often rented access […]

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