[ZDNet] Cybercriminals laundered at least $8.6 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021: report

Chainalysis said $33 billion worth of cryptocurrency has been laundered by cybercriminals since 2017.

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[SANS ISC] Zyxel Network Storage Devices Hunted By Mirai Variant, (Thu, Feb 10th)

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I have been talking a lot about various network storage devices and how you never ever want to expose them to the Internet. The brands that usually come up are Synology and QNAP, which have a significant market share. But they are not alone. Pretty much all these devices follow the same basic pattern: Build […]

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[NCSC-FI News] New BotenaGo Malware Variant Targeting Lilin Security Camera DVR Devices

A new variant of an IoT botnet called BotenaGo has emerged in the wild, specifically singling out Lilin security camera DVR devices to infect them with Mirai malware. Source: Read More (NCSC-FI daily news followup)

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[HackerNews] Privid: A Privacy-Preserving Surveillance Video Analytics System

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A group of academics has designed a new system known as “Privid” that enables video analytics in a privacy-preserving manner to combat concerns with invasive tracking. “We’re at a stage right now where cameras are practically ubiquitous. If there’s a camera on every street corner, every place you go, and if someone could actually process […]

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