[HackerNews] Get Lifetime Access to Cybersecurity Certification Prep Courses

You can’t go far in professional IT without being asked for some key certifications. In particular, most large companies today require new hires to be well versed in the fundamentals of cybersecurity.
Adding the likes of CISSP, CISM, and CompTIA CASP+ to your résumé can open the door to many opportunities — including six-figure roles. There is just a small matter of some exams to pass.
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[HackerNews] Researchers Bypass SMS-based Multi-Factor Authentication Protecting Box Accounts

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Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details of a now-patched bug in Box’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) mechanism that could be abused to completely sidestep SMS-based login verification. “Using this technique, an attacker could use stolen credentials to compromise an organization’s Box account and exfiltrate sensitive data without access to the victim’s phone,” Varonis researchers said Source: Read More […]

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-10-25

Microsoft says Russia hacked at least 14 IT service providers this year therecord.media/microsoft-says-russias-apt29-hacked-at-least-14-it-service-providers-this-year/ Microsoft said on Monday that a Russian state-sponsored hacking group known as Nobelium had attacked more than 140 IT and cloud services providers, successfully breaching 14 companies. NOBELIUM targeting delegated administrative privileges to facilitate broader attacks www.microsoft.com/security/blog/2021/10/25/nobelium-targeting-delegated-administrative-privileges-to-facilitate-broader-attacks/ The targeted activity has been […]

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[SecurityWeek] ESET Discovers UEFI Bootkit in Cyber Espionage Campaign

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Threat hunters at ESET are training the spotlight on a previously undocumented UEFI bootkit capable of hijacking the EFI System Partition (ESP) to maintain persistence on infected Windows machines. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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