[ZDNet] Microsoft to release ‘Defender for Business’ platform

Once the tool is available, customers will be able to buy the platform directly from Microsoft as a standalone offering costing $3 per user per month.

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[TheRecord] Eavesdropping bug impacts roughly a third of the world’s smartphones

MediaTek, a Taiwanese company that manufactures a wide array of chips for smartphones and other smart devices, has released security updates last month to address severe vulnerabilities that could allow malicious Android apps to record audio and spy on phone owners. Three issues were patched in October (CVE-2021-0661, CVE-2021-0662, CVE-2021-0663), and a fourth (CVE-2021-0673) will […]

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[ThreatPost] Grief Ransomware Targets NRA

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Grief, a ransomware group with ties to Russia-based Evil Corp, claims to have stolen data from the gun-rights group and has posted files on its dark web site.  Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[ZDNet] Data protection: UK to diverge from GDPR in post-Brexit overhaul of privacy rules

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Government claims that a new data policy will allow innovation and economic growth, but privacy experts are sceptical and warn it could result in less privacy protections for consumers. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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