[ZDNet] DNA testing center admits to breach affecting SSNs, banking info of more than 2 million people

DNA Diagnostics Center said it discovered the breach on August 6 but noted that hackers had access from May 24 to July 28.

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2020-11-19

Tahmaako netti? Liisa-myrskyn aiheuttamia tuhoja korjaillaan www.tivi.fi/uutiset/tv/e78e181b-62f7-45cb-ac38-e30eee4f8017 Liisa-myrskyn aiheuttamat sähkökatkokset aiheuttavat parhaillaan häiriöitä matkapuhelinverkossa. Accused Ringleader of FIN7 Hacking Group Pleads Guilty www.bankinfosecurity.com/accused-ringleader-fin7-hacking-group-pleads-guilty-a-15397 Andrii Kolpakov, who is a Ukrainian national, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit computer hacking. He faces up to a 25-year federal prison term […]

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[HackerNews] Researchers Detail How Pakistani Hackers Targeting Indian and Afghan Governments

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A Pakistani threat actor successfully socially engineered a number of ministries in Afghanistan and a shared government computer in India to steal sensitive Google, Twitter, and Facebook credentials from its targets and stealthily obtain access to government portals. Malwarebytes’ latest findings go into detail about the new tactics and tools adopted by the APT group […]

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[TheRecord] Five Eyes issue joint advisory for defending against Log4Shell 

Government agencies in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand—which make up the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance—issued a joint Cybersecurity Advisory Wednesday offering guidance for those affected by serious vulnerabilities, including Log4Shell, in the widely used Apache Log4j software library.  The problems can allow attackers to remotely execute code on vulnerable systems—which […]

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