[ThreatPost] Shape-Shifting ‘Tardigrade’ Malware Hits Vaccine Makers

Some security researchers say it’s actually Cobalt Strike and not a SmokeLoader variant, but BioBright says in-depth testing shows it’s for real a scary morphic malware that changes its parts and recompiles itself.

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[SecurityWeek] JumpCloud Raises $159 Million at $2.56 Billion Valuation

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User and device management provider JumpCloud on Monday announced that it has raised $159 million in Series F funding at a $2.56 billion valuation. To date, the company has raised $350 million in funding. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[SANS ISC] “Stolen Images Evidence” Campaign Continues Pushing BazarLoader Malware, (Wed, Sep 8th)

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Introduction Another day, another wave of malware.  Although there’s plenty to find, I’ve been focusing on BazarLoader as it comes through various distribution channels.  One such channel is the “Stolen Images Evidence” campaign, which Microsoft describes here.  This campaign was pushing IcedID as we entered 2021, but it switched to BazarLoader as early as July […]

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[TheRecord] Hacker steals $55 million from bZx DeFi platform

A hacker has stolen an estimated $55 million worth of cryptocurrency assets from bZx, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to borrow, loan, and speculate on cryptocurrency price variations. “A bZx developer was sent a phishing email to his personal computer with a malicious macro in a Word document that was disguised as […]

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