[TheRecord] Ransomware tracker: the latest figures

Colonial Pipeline, JBS Foods, Kaseya — we’re not through 2021 yet, but it can already be dubbed the year of ransomware. The problem isn’t impacting all organizations to the same degree, however. According to data collected by Recorded Future, attacks against the most vulnerable organizations — schools and healthcare facilities — have fluctuated widely in recent months.

Ransomware expert Allan Liska explains that threat actors are focusing their efforts on organizations that can stomach multimillion-dollar ransom demands. “They’re not looking at [these organizations] as much, because they’re not going to get those returns there,” he said. You can catch up on the latest data using this ransomware tracker, which is based off data collected from government agencies, news reports, hacking forums, and other sources. We’ll keep updating it throughout the year.

The Record by Recorded Future allows outside organizations to share and distribute graphs from this ongoing project with proper attribution.

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