[SecurityWeek] Security Pros Know What They Need to Do, But Constrained by Lack of Resources

A new survey report describes security teams as trapped by a lack of resources into continuing what they have been doing (which, from empirical evidence, clearly is not working) rather than migrating their efforts to what they believe they should be doing (risk analysis and threat modeling).

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[HackerNews] Fighting the Rogue Toaster Army: Why Secure Coding in Embedded Systems is Our Defensive Edge

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There are plenty of pop culture references to rogue AI and robots, and appliances turning on their human masters. It is the stuff of science fiction, fun, and fantasy, but with IoT and connected devices becoming more prevalent in our homes, we need more discussion around cybersecurity and safety. Software is all around us, and […]

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[ZDNet] Criminals love cryptocurrencies. Should you?

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Crypto currencies have been all the rage for more than a decade. Great fortunes have been made and hundreds of millions if not billions has been paid to criminals thanks to their anonymity. It’s time to rein in this global criminal enabler, the worst storage innovation in my lifetime. Source: Read More (Latest topics for […]

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[HackerNews] Trickbot Malware Returns with a new VNC Module to Spy on its Victims

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Cybersecurity researchers have opened the lid on the continued resurgence of the insidious TrickBot malware, making it clear that the Russia-based transnational cybercrime group is working behind the scenes to revamp its attack infrastructure in response to recent counter efforts from law enforcement. “The new capabilities discovered are used to monitor and gather intelligence on […]

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