[SecurityWeek] macOS Zero-Day Exploited to Deliver Malware to Users in Hong Kong

Google on Thursday shared details about a recent attack that exploited a zero-day vulnerability in macOS to deliver malware to users in Hong Kong.

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[SecurityWeek] North Korean Hacker Group Intensifies Espionage Campaigns

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A North Korea-linked threat actor tracked as TA406 has intensified its attacks in 2021, particularly credential harvesting campaigns, Proofpoint reports. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[ThreatPost] Malicious PDFs Flood the Web, Lead to Password-Snarfing

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SolarMarker makers are using SEO poisoning, stuffing thousands of PDFs with tens of thousands of pages full of SEO keywords & links to redirect to the malware. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[SANS ISC] “Serverless” Phishing Campaign, (Sat, May 22nd)

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The Internet is full of code snippetsĀ and free resources that you can embed in your projects. SmtpJS is one of those small projects that are very interesting for developers but also bad guys. It’s the first time that I spot a phishing campaign that uses this piece of JavaScript code. To launch a phishing campaign, […]

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