[SecurityWeek] Google Triples Bounty for Linux Kernel Exploitation

Google is sweetening the pot for bug bounty researchers finding and exploiting privilege escalation flaws in the Linux kernel.

Over the next three months, Google plans to shell out US$31,337 for privilege escalation exploits using an already patched vulnerability, and $50,337 for a zero-day kernel flaw or a novel exploitation technique.

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[ThreatPost] Crystal Valley Farm Coop Hit with Ransomware

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It’s the second agricultural business to be seized this week and portends a bitter harvest with yet another nasty jab at critical infrastructure. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[SecurityWeek] Ireland’s Health Service Executive Held to Ransom by Conti Gang

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Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) was hit by a ransomware attack late last week, forcing the organization to shut down its IT system (reported as more than 80,000 computers) on Friday. Green Party Minister of State for Communications Ossian Smyth said the attack was “possibly the most significant cybercrime attack on the Irish State”. read […]

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[TheRecord] Academics bypass PINs for Mastercard and Maestro contactless payments

A team of scientists from a Swiss university has discovered a way to bypass PIN codes on contactless cards from Mastercard and Maestro. The now-patched vulnerability would have allowed cybercriminals to use stolen Mastercard and Maestro cards to pay for expensive products without needing to provide PINs on contactless payments. The attack basics Discovered by […]

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