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[TheRecord] FBI says ransomware gangs are using future merger and acquisition info to pressure victims

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation says that several ransomware gangs have used financial information, such as stock valuations and upcoming mergers and acquisitions, to put pressure on victims and force them into paying large ransom demands. “During the initial reconnaissance phase, cyber criminals identify non-publicly available information, which they threaten to release or use […]

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[HackerNews] Phony Call Centers Tricking Users Into Installing Ransomware and Data-Stealers

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An ongoing malicious campaign that employs phony call centers has been found to trick victims into downloading malware capable of data exfiltration as well as deploying ransomware on infected systems. The attacks — dubbed “BazaCall” — eschew traditional social engineering techniques that rely on rogue URLs and malware-laced documents in favor of a vishing-like method […]

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[NCSC-FI News] New Fileless Malware Hides Shellcode in Windows Event Logs

A new malicious campaign has been spotted taking advantage of Windows event logs to stash chunks of shellcode for the first time in the wild “It allows the ‘fileless’ last stage trojan to be hidden from plain sight in the file system, ” Kaspersky researcher Denis Legezo said in a technical write-up published this week […]

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