[ZDNet] This ‘particularly dangerous’ phishing attack features a weaponized Excel file

Security researchers warn about a sneaky phishing campaign from one of the most creative cybercrime groups on the internet.

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[NCSC-FI News] Hive ransomware ports its Linux VMware ESXi encryptor to Rust

The Hive ransomware operation has converted their VMware ESXi Linux encryptor to the Rust programming language and added new features to make it harder for security researchers to snoop on victim’s ransom negotiations. Source: Read More (NCSC-FI daily news followup)

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[BleepingComputer] Google launches new Bug Hunters vulnerability rewards platform

Google has announced a new platform and community designed to host all its Vulnerability Rewards Programs (VRP) under the same roof. […] Source: Read More (BleepingComputer)

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[SecurityWeek] Airgap Networks Raises $13 Million for Ransomware Kill Switch

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Airgap Networks on Tuesday announced raising $13.4 million in a Series A funding round that brings the total raised by the company to $18.6 million. The funding round was led by Storm Ventures, with participation from Cervin Ventures, Engineering Capital, Sorenson Ventures, and various angel investors. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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