[ZDNet] Third-party data breach in Singapore hits healthcare provider

Fullerton Health says its third-party vendor, which platform facilitates appointment booking, had suffered a security breach first detected on October 19 that compromised patients’ personal data, including name and contact details as well as bank account information.

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[TheRecord] PrintNightmare vulnerability weaponized by Magniber ransomware gang

The operators of the Magniber ransomware have weaponized the infamous PrintNightmare vulnerability and are now attempting to breach Windows systems in South Korea. In a report published today by security firm CrowdStrike, the company said the attacks have been taking place since at least July 13. Which PrintNightmare is this? While several different vulnerabilities in the Windows […]

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[TheRecord] Cyber-mercenary group Void Balaur has been hacking companies for years

Cyber-security firm Trend Micro has published today a 46-page report detailing the history and activity of a hacker-for-hire group that has been advertising its services in the cybercrime underworld and conducting on-demand intrusions since the mid-2010s. Named Void Balaur, the group was involved in attacks that targeted victims for both financial and surveillance gains. Past attacks […]

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[ZDNet] China reiterates warning against cryptocurrency use in transactions

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Three financial groups issue joint statement that warns about the risks of cryptocurrency speculation and against its use as a payment mode, but makes no reference to crypto mining. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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