[ZDNet] Missouri governor faces backlash and ridicule for threatening reporter who discovered exposed teacher SSNs

Governor Mike Parson called a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter a “hacker” and threatened criminal prosecution because he notified state officials about a database that exposed the sensitive information of 100,000 educators.

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[ThreatPost] 3 Guideposts for Building a Better Incident-Response Plan

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Invest and practice: Grant Oviatt, director of incident-response engagements at Red Canary, lays out the key building blocks for effective IR. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[TheRecord] FBI: Iranian threat actor trying to acquire leaked data on US organizations

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation says that a threat actor known to be associated with Iran is currently seeking to acquire data from organizations across the globe, including US targets. The actor has demonstrated interest in leaked data sets in various locations, including web forums and the dark web. The FBI judges this actor […]

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[TheRecord] CISA director: Log4Shell has not resulted in ‘significant’ government intrusions yet

Top officials at the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency on Monday said the Log4Shell vulnerability has mostly resulted in cryptomining and other minor incidents at federal agencies, but warned that threat actors may soon start actively exploiting the vulnerability to disrupt critical infrastructure and other assets. “We’ve been actively monitoring for threat actors looking […]

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