[ZDNet] Google: We’re sending out lots more phishing and malware attack warnings – here’s why

Google’s state-sponsored hacker alerts are outpacing last year’s warnings by a big margin. Turn on multi-factor authentication, it warns.

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[SANS ISC] Waiting for the C2 to Show Up, (Fri, Aug 20th)

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Keep this in mind:¬†“Patience is key”.¬†Sometimes when you are working on a malware sample, you depend on online resources. I’m working on a classic case: a Powershell script decodes then injects a shellcode into a process. There are plenty of tools that help you to have a good idea of a shellcode behavior (like scdbg[1]): […]

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[SecurityWeek] Hacktivists Leak Data Allegedly Stolen From Russian Energy Giant Transneft

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Roughly 79 gigabytes of emails allegedly stolen from Russian state-controlled oil pipeline company Transneft emerged on a known leaks hosting website. The largest pipeline company in the world, the Moscow-based Transneft transports oil and oil products in Russia and the CIS countries, operating more than 70,000 kilometers of pipelines. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek […]

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-12-01

APT groups from China, Russia, and India adopt novel attack technique therecord.media/apt-groups-from-china-russia-and-india-adopt-novel-attack-technique/ State-sponsored hacking groups, also known as advanced persistent threats (ATPs), have adopted this year a new attack technique called “RTF Template Injection, ” which has brought a new twist and made their attacks harder to detect and stop. In a report today, email […]

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