[ZDNet] FCC kicks China Telecom out of United States

Chinese telco given 60 days to stop providing domestic and international services.

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[NCSC-NL] Digital attacks in Ukraine: A Timeline

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There has been frequent news reporting of digital attacks in Ukraine over the past month. This article provides a chronological overview of the reported cyber attacks and the subsequent publications. Source: Read More (National Cyber Security Centre – News items)

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[SecurityWeek] Google Says Threat Actors Using New Code Signing Tricks to Evade Detection

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Financially motivated threat actors have started using new code signing tricks to increase the chances of their software evading detection on Windows systems, Google’s Threat Analysis Group reported on Thursday. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[HackerNews] Modified Version of WhatsApp for Android Spotted Installing Triada Trojan

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A modified version of the WhatsApp messaging app for Android has been trojanized to serve malicious payloads, display full-screen ads, and sign up device owners for unwanted premium subscriptions without their knowledge. “The Trojan Triada snuck into one of these modified versions of the messenger called FMWhatsApp 16.80.0 together with the advertising software development kit […]

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