[ZDNet] Check your iPhone for compromised passwords… NOW!

Passwords are both your first line of defense and a potential weak link in your security. Now is a good time for a quick, five minute password audit

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[TheRecord] New Moses Staff group targets Israeli organizations in destructive attacks

A new hacking group named Moses Staff has attacked Israeli organizations, breached their networks, encrypted their data, but has then refused to negotiate ransom payments, in what security researchers are describing as politically-motivated destructive attacks. First spotted in early October 2021, the group is the third entity of its kind that has exclusively attacked Israeli organizations in recent […]

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[TheRecord] Almost 2,000 Exchange servers hacked using ProxyShell exploit

Almost 2,000 Microsoft Exchange email servers have been hacked over the past two days and infected with backdoors after owners did not install patches for a collection of vulnerabilities known as ProxyShell. The attacks, detected by security firm Huntress Labs, come after proof-of-concept exploit code was published online earlier this month, and scans for vulnerable systems began […]

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[SecurityWeek] US State Department Sets Up Cyber Bureau, Envoy Amid Hacking Alarm

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Monday that the State Department will establish a new bureau and envoy to handle cyber policy, revamping amid alarm over rising hacking attacks. In a memo to staff, Blinken said that a review showed a need for structural changes on “how the State Department should adapt to 21st-century […]

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