[ZDNet] Check your iPhone for compromised passwords… NOW!

Passwords are both your first line of defense and a potential weak link in your security. Now is a good time for a quick, five minute password audit

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[NCSC-FI News] Chinese hackers linked to months-long attack on Taiwanese financial sector

A hacking group affiliated with the Chinese government is believed to have carried out a months-long attack against Taiwan’s financial sector by leveraging a vulnerability in a security software solution used by roughly 80% of all local financial organizations. Source: Read More (NCSC-FI daily news followup)

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[TheRecord] PwnedPiper vulnerabilities impact 80% of major hospitals in North America

Details have been published today about a collection of nine vulnerabilities known as PwnedPiper that impact common a type of medical equipment that’s installed in roughly 80% of all major hospitals in North America. The TransLogic Pneumatic Tube Systems (PTS), from Swisslog Healthcare, is a complex system that uses compressed air to move medical supplies (lab samples, medicine, […]

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[ZDNet] NSW cyber strategy demands government lead by example

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A new cyber strategy wants strong cybersecurity foundations to start with government agencies as NSW aims to be a leader in digital. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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