[ZDNet] 450 million cyberattacks attempted on Japan Olympics infrastructure: NTT

NTT said the number of attacks was 2.5x times the number of attacks seen during the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

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[BleepingComputer] Google launches new Bug Hunters vulnerability rewards platform

Google has announced a new platform and community designed to host all its Vulnerability Rewards Programs (VRP) under the same roof. […] Source: Read More (BleepingComputer)

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[TheRecord] PRC says FCC decision to pull China Telecom license was ‘based on suspicion,’ not facts

China said the U.S. decision last month to revoke the China Telecom Americas operating license was misguided and based on ‘suspicion,’ not any specific facts. The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to revoke the Chinese telecom giant’s operating license on Oct. 26, citing national security concerns. “The American subsidiary of China Telecom has been operating […]

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[TheRecord] FBI says ransomware gangs are using future merger and acquisition info to pressure victims

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation says that several ransomware gangs have used financial information, such as stock valuations and upcoming mergers and acquisitions, to put pressure on victims and force them into paying large ransom demands. “During the initial reconnaissance phase, cyber criminals identify non-publicly available information, which they threaten to release or use […]

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