[ThreatPost] Rickroll Grad Prank Exposes Exterity IPTV Bug

IPTV and IP video security is increasingly under scrutiny, even by high school kids.

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[TheRecord] Hackers leak full EA data after failed extortion attempt

The hackers who breached Electronic Arts last month have released the entire cache of stolen data after failing to extort the company and later sell the stolen files to a third-party buyer. The data, dumped on an underground cybercrime forum on Monday, July 26, is now being widely distributed on torrent sites. According to a […]

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[SecurityWeek] Howard University Cancels Classes, Shuts Campus After Ransomware Attack

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Howard University closed its physical campus and canceled classes this week after experiencing a ransomware attack. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[SANS ISC] Filter JSON Data by Value with Linux jq, (Sun, Aug 29th)

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Since JSON has become more prevalent as a data service, unfortunately, it isn’t at all BASH friendly and manipulating JSON data at the command line with REGEX (i.e. sed, grep, etc.) is cumbersome and difficult to get the output I want. So, there is a Linux tool I use for this, jq is a tool […]

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