[TheRecord] Two ransomware operators arrested in Ukraine

Two members of a ransomware gang were arrested in Ukraine following a joint international law enforcement operation.

The arrests took place last week, on September 28, in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and were carried out by officers of the Ukrainian National Police, with aid from the French Gendarmerie, the FBI, Europol, and Interpol.

Two suspects were arrested, including a 25-year-old believed to be a crucial member of a large ransomware operation.

Officials declined to name the suspect’s affiliation to any particular ransomware gang, citing an ongoing official investigation, a Europol spokesperson told The Record today.

Ukraine officials said in a press release the suspect was responsible for attacks on more than 100 companies across the world and has caused more than $150 million in damages.

Following searches at seven properties, including family members of the 25-year-old main suspect, officers seized computers used to access remote servers from where the ransomware was deployed, two cars, $375,000 in cash, and $1.3 million in cryptocurrencies.

In its own press release, Europol said the suspects had been active since April 2020 and that their group was “known for their extortionate ransom demands (between €5 to €70 million).”

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