[TheRecord] Google removes support for FTP and old-gen U2F security keys in Chrome 95

Google has released today Chrome v95, the latest version of its popular web browser, a version that contains several changes that will likely cause problems for a considerable part of its users.

The problematic changes include:

removing support for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) URLs — ftp://removing support for the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard, used in old-generation security keys (Chrome will only support FIDO2/WebAuth security keys going forward)adding file size limits for browser cookies [see here]removing support for URLs with non-IPv4 hostnames ending in numbers, such as http://example.0.1 [see here]

In addition to breaking changes, Chrome 95 also comes with a new UI component called the “Side Panel,” which can be used to view the Chrome browser’s Reading List and Bookmarks. This panel can be enabled via the following Chrome flag:


Image: The Record

Additionally, Chrome 95 also ships with developer-focused changes and security fixes. Other changes are detailed in the image below:

Image: The Record

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