[SANS ISC] ISC Stormcast For Monday, October 25th, 2021 https://isc.sans.edu/podcastdetail.html?id=7726, (Mon, Oct 25th)

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[SecurityWeek] Vulnerabilities Can Allow Hackers to Disarm Fortress Home Security Systems

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Researchers at cybersecurity firm Rapid7 have identified a couple of vulnerabilities that they claim can be exploited by hackers to remotely disarm one of the home security systems offered by Fortress Security Store. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[HackerNews] Over 25% Of Tor Exit Relays Are Spying On Users’ Dark Web Activities

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An unknown threat actor managed to control more than 27% of the entire Tor network exit capacity in early February 2021, a new study on the dark web infrastructure revealed. “The entity attacking Tor users is actively exploiting tor users since over a year and expanded the scale of their attacks to a new record […]

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[TheRecord] Google fixes 15th and 16th Chrome zero-day this year

Google has released security updates today for its Chrome web browser, including a patch to address two zero-day vulnerabilities that were exploited in the wild. The updates are part of Chrome version 95.0.4638.69, which is now available via the browser’s built-in udpate mechanism. The two zero-days are CVE-2021-38000 and CVE-2021-38003, and are the 15th and 16th […]

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