[HackerNews] New Study Links Seemingly Disparate Malware Attacks to Chinese Hackers

Chinese cyber espionage group APT41 has been linked to seemingly disparate malware campaigns, according to fresh research that has mapped together additional parts of the group’s network infrastructure to hit upon a state-sponsored campaign that takes advantage of COVID-themed phishing lures to target victims in India. 
“The image we uncovered was that of a state-sponsored campaign that plays on

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[ESET] Black Hat 2021 – non‑virtual edition

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How is Black Hat USA 2021 different from the past editions of the conference and what kinds of themes may steal the show this year? The post Black Hat 2021 – non‑virtual edition appeared first on WeLiveSecurity Source: Read More (WeLiveSecurity)

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[ThreatPost] FIN7 ‘Pen Tester’ Headed to Jail Amid $1B in Payment-Card Losses

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One of the Carbanak cybergang’s highest-level hackers is destined to serve seven years while making $2.5 million in restitution payments. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[HackerNews] Authorities Seize DoubleVPN Service Used by Cybercriminals

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A coordinated international law enforcement operation resulted in the takedown of a VPN service called DoubleVPN for providing a safe haven for cybercriminals to cover their tracks. “On 29th of June 2021, law enforcement took down DoubleVPN,” the agencies said in a seizure notice splashed on the now-defunct site. “Law enforcement gained access to the […]

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