[HackerNews] Indian-Made Mobile Spyware Targeted Human Rights Activist in Togo

A prominent Togolese human rights defender has been targeted with spyware by a threat actor known for striking victims in South Asia, marking the hacking group’s first foray into digital surveillance in Africa.
Amnesty International tied the covert attack campaign to a collective tracked as “Donot Team” (aka APT-C-35), which has been linked to cyber offensives in India and Pakistan, while also

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[SecurityWeek] Vulnerabilities Allow Hacking of Zimbra Webmail Servers With Single Email

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Vulnerabilities in the Zimbra enterprise webmail solution could allow an attacker to gain unrestricted access to an organization’s sent and received email messages, software security firm SonarSource reveals. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[ZDNet] ASPI suggests government work with platforms to fight disinformation for hire

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ASPI says there’s growing evidence of states using commercial influence-for-hire networks and the problem can only be solved with cooperation from government and industry. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[SANS ISC] Changing BAT Files On The Fly, (Mon, Aug 2nd)

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I often use Windows BAT files, simple ones, to execute a series of commands. And over the years, I learned not to change these BAT files while they were executing, because cmd.exe would “notice” those changes when it has to execute the next command in the BAT file, and read the changed file, leading to […]

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