[HackerNews] Before and After a Pen Test: Steps to Get Through It

An effective cybersecurity strategy can be challenging to implement correctly and often involves many layers of security. Part of a robust security strategy involves performing what is known as a penetration test (pen test). The penetration test helps to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your security defenses before the bad guys discover these. They can also help validate remedial

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[ThreatPost] Snake Keylogger Spreads Through Malicious PDFs

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Microsoft Word also leveraged in the email campaign, which uses a 22-year-old Office RCE bug. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[ZDNet] Your cybersecurity training needs improvement because hacking attacks are only getting worse

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As the internet becomes an increasingly vital part of our lives, more needs to be done to prevent vital services from being disrupted. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[HackerNews] Microsoft Azure Vulnerability Exposes PostgreSQL Databases to Other Customers

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Microsoft on Thursday disclosed that it addressed a pair of issues with the Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server that could result in unauthorized cross-account database access in a region. “By exploiting an elevated permissions bug in the Flexible Server authentication process for a replication user, a malicious user could leverage an improperly anchored regular […]

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