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[TheRecord] Belarusian nationals arrested over ATM black-box attacks

Polish police officers have arrested this week two Belarusian nationals for stealing cash from ATMs using a technique known as a black-box attack. The post Belarusian nationals arrested over ATM black-box attacks appeared first on The Record by Recorded Future. Source: Read More (The Record by Recorded Future)

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[SANS ISC] #OMIGOD Exploits Captured in the Wild. Researchers responsible for half of scans for related ports., (Mon, Sep 20th)

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After the “OMIGOD” vulnerability details were made public, and it became obvious that exploiting vulnerable hosts would be trivial, researchers and attackers started pretty much immediately to scan for vulnerable hosts. We saw a quick rise of scans, particularly against %%port:1270%%. [1] Some of the attacks originated from research projects that apparently enumerated vulnerable hosts. Scans […]

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[NCSC-FI News] Beanstalk DeFi platform loses $182 million in flash-load attack

The decentralized, credit-based finance system Beanstalk disclosed on Sunday that it suffered a security breach that resulted in financial losses of $182 million, the attacker stealing $80 million in crypto assets As a result of this attack, trust in Beanstalk’s market has been compromised, and the value of its decentralized credit-based BEAN stablecoin has collapsed […]

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