[ZDNet] Singapore, India to link national payment systems for cross-border transfers

Residents in both countries will be able to make fund transfers via mobile numbers or virtual payment addresses, with efforts to connect Singapore’s PayNow and India’s Unified Payments Interface scheduled for next July.

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I was asked for tips to triage MALWARE Bazaar’s daily malware batches. On Linux / macOS, you can unzip a malware batch and triage it with the file command. There is no file command on Windows, but there are Windows versions you can install, and you can also use my file-magic tool (it’s a Python […]

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[ZDNet] Modipwn: code execution vulnerability discovered in Schneider Electric Modicon PLCs

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[SecurityWeek] Google Discloses Details of Unpatched Windows AppContainer Flaw

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Google disclosed the details of a Windows ​​AppContainer flaw after Microsoft said it would not fix it, but the software giant later reversed course and said it could address it after all. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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