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[TheRecord] Hackers use SQL injection bug in BillQuick billing app to deploy ransomware

At least one hacking group is exploiting a security flaw in a popular billing software suite to gain initial access, take over servers, and then deploy ransomware inside companies’ networks. Discovered by Huntress Labs this month, the attacks targeted BillQuick Web Suite, a billing solution developed by California-based BQE. “Hackers were able to successfully exploit CVE-2021-42258—using it […]

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[SecurityWeek] EventBuilder Exposed Information of Over 100,000 Event Registrants

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Event management company EventBuilder exposed files containing the personal information of at least 100,000 users who registered for events on its platform. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[HackerNews] Microsoft Issues Fix for Exchange Y2K22 Bug That Crippled Email Delivery Service

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Microsoft, over the weekend, rolled out a fix to address an issue that caused email messages to get stuck on its Exchange Server platforms due to what it blamed on a date validation error at around the turn of the year. “The problem relates to a date check failure with the change of the new […]

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