[ZDNet] Atlassian CISO: ‘There will always be some number of instances of software on the internet that are out of date and being exploited’

Some Atlassian customers are still being targeted by cryptominers through the Confluence vulnerability.

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[BleepingComputer] The Week in Ransomware – May 21st 2021 – Healthcare under attack

This week’s ransomware news has been dominated by the attack on Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE) that has severely disrupted Ireland’s healthcare system. […] Source: Read More (BleepingComputer)

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[ThreatPost] Actively Exploited Windows Zero-Day Gets a Patch

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Microsoft’s August 2021 Patch Tuesday addressed a smaller set of bugs than usual, including more Print Spooler problems, a zero-day and seven critical vulnerabilities. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[TheRecord] Red Cross blames hack on Zoho vulnerability, suspects APT attack

After making headlines last month, additional details are emerging about the hack of the Red Cross organization and the possibility that the attack was carried out by a state-sponsored hacking group. In an update to its original breach disclosure, the Red Cross said today that while the breach was found and disclosed on January 18, the actual […]

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