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[TheRecord] Microsoft will split Defender pricing plans to lower the entry bar for SMBs

Microsoft plans to split the pricing model for the commercial version of its antivirus product, known as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, introducing a cheaper plan and making its product more easily and broadly available to companies that typically couldn’t afford it. Prior to today’s announcement, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint was primarily available for companies that […]

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[SecurityWeek] Ransomware Operators Threaten to Leak 1.5TB of Supernus Pharmaceuticals Data

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Biopharmaceutical company Supernus Pharmaceuticals last week confirmed it fell victim to a ransomware attack that resulted in a large amount of data being exfiltrated from its network. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[HackerNews] How to Build a Custom Malware Analysis Sandbox

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Before hunting malware, every researcher needs to find a system where to analyze it. There are several ways to do it: build your own environment or use third-party solutions. Today we will walk through all the steps of creating a custom malware sandbox where you can perform a proper analysis without infecting your computer. And […]

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