[SecurityWeek] General Promises US ‘Surge’ Against Foreign Cyberattacks

The general who leads U.S. efforts to thwart foreign-based cyberattacks, and punish those responsible, says he’s mounting a “surge” to fight incursions that have debilitated government agencies and companies responsible for critical infrastructure.

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[SANS ISC] October 2021 Contest: Forensic Challenge, (Fri, Oct 22nd)

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Introduction Today’s diary is a forensic challenge for October 2021.  The files are here.  This month’s challenge is based on a packet capture (pcap) of an Active Directory (AD) environment with three Windows clients that become infected.  Each infection is based on an email, and the three emails that caused these infections are also provided.  […]

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[ZDNet] US judge sentences men for $1.5 million Apple Gift Card scam

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Apple is also owed over $1 million in damages. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[ESET] Beyond the tick box: What to consider before agreeing to a privacy policy

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The trade-off between using a free service and giving up our personal data becomes much less palatable when we think about the wider ramifications of the collection and use of our personal data The post Beyond the tick box: What to consider before agreeing to a privacy policy appeared first on WeLiveSecurity Source: Read More […]

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