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[BleepingComputer] Attackers deploy cryptominers on Kubernetes clusters via Argo Workflows

Threat actors are abusing misconfigured Argo Workflows instances to deploy cryptocurrency miners on Kubernetes (K8s) clusters. […] Source: Read More (BleepingComputer)

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[SecurityWeek] GriftHorse Android Trojan Infects Over 10 Million Devices Worldwide

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A recently discovered cybercrime campaign leveraging mobile premium services has made over 10 million victims worldwide, potentially causing hundreds of millions in losses, according to mobile security firm Zimperium. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[SANS ISC] ISC Stormcast For Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, (Tue, Oct 19th)

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(c) SANS Internet Storm Center. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. Source: Read More (SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: green)

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