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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-05-07

Connected Places: new NCSC security principles for ‘Smart Cities’ NCSC Technical Director warns that ‘Connected Places’ will likely be a target for malicious actors. It wasnt a teenager accidentally taking control of nuclear command and control, or a magic box that can decrypt anything stolen and used by shady Bond villains intent on taking […]

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[ZDNet] University still recovering from major cyberattack that disrupted IT systems

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The University of Sunderland brings some IT systems back online after a five-day outage caused by a cyberattack. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[ThreatPost] DarkSide Ransomware Suffers ‘Oh, Crap!’ Server Shutdowns

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The RaaS that crippled Colonial Pipeline lost the servers it uses to pull off ransomware attacks, while REvil’s gonads shrank in response. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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