[HackerNews] This New Malware Family Using CLFS Log Files to Avoid Detection

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed details about a new malware family that relies on the Common Log File System (CLFS) to hide a second-stage payload in registry transaction files in an attempt to evade detection mechanisms.
FireEye’s Mandiant Advanced Practices team, which made the discovery, dubbed the malware PRIVATELOG, and its installer, STASHLOG. Specifics about the identities of the

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[ThreatPost] SonicWall Warns Firewall Hardware Bugs Under Attack

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SonicWall issued an urgent security alert warning customers that some of its current and legacy firewall appliances were under active attack. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[ThreatPost] TeaBot Trojan Targets Banks via Hijacked Android Handsets

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Malware first observed in Italy can steal victims’ credentials and SMS messages as well as livestream device screens on demand. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[TheRecord] Spyware features found in Chinese state benefits app

Spyware-like features have been discovered inside an app named “Beijing One Pass” that foreign companies operating in China are forced to install on their systems in order to access a digital platform to manage employee state benefits. The post Spyware features found in Chinese state benefits app appeared first on The Record by Recorded Future. […]

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