[HackerNews] Incentivizing Developers is the Key to Better Security Practices

Professional developers want to embrace DevSecOps and write secure code, but their organizations need to support this seachange if they want that effort to grow.
The cyber threat landscape is becoming more complex by the day. Attackers are constantly scanning networks for vulnerable applications, programs, cloud instances, and the latest flavor of the month is APIs, widely considered an easy win

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[SANS ISC] Arkei Variants: From Vidar to Mars Stealer, (Wed, Mar 23rd)

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Introduction Sometime in 2018, a new information stealer named Vidar appeared.  Analysis revealed Vidar is an information stealer that is a copycat or fork of Arkei malware.  Since that time, Vidar has led to other Arkei-based variants.  Today’s diary reviews Vidar and two additional variants: Oski Stealer and Mars Stealer based on analysis of their […]

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