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[SecurityWeek] API Security Firm Cequence Raises $60 Million

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The rapid adoption of APIs to facilitate both digital transformation and the pandemic-related growth in online commerce has caused a rush to market. But as with all code produced and released in haste, there are frequent problems. Cyberattacks against APIs have become a growth area for cybercriminals. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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[TheRecord] Some ransomware gangs lose interest in extortion sites

In late 2019, the ransomware group known as Maze pioneered a tactic that soon spread throughout the cybercrime underground: steal encrypted data and threaten to release it publicly unless a ransom is paid. But according to data collected from the sites these groups operate, the practice that’s sometimes referred to as “double extortion” appears to […]

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[TheRecord] Dutch government to stop issuing TLS certs because of ever-complicated standards

The Dutch government, the last EU country that is still running its own certificate authority (CA), announced plans last week to stop issuing new TLS certificates starting December 2021. The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, which is in charge of the PKIoverheid program, cited three reasons for discontinuing the program: The ever-increasing technical requirements imposed by […]

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