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[TheRecord] REvil gang shuts down for the second time after its Tor servers were hacked

The REvil ransomware group has shut down its operation for the second time this year, claiming in a message posted on an underground hacking forum that they lost control over their Tor-based domains. The group, considered one of the most successful ransomware operations to date, had been active since April 2019. They shut down for […]

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[TheRecord] Microsoft silently enables ‘Super Duper Secure Mode’ for Edge

Microsoft last week secretly added a security feature in its Edge web browser that allows users to sacrifice the browser’s performance for improved security. Announced in August this year, the feature is named Super Duper Secure Mode and was in Edge v96.0.1054.29, released last Friday on November 19, according to Johnathan Norman, Microsoft Edge Vulnerability Research Lead. […]

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[ZDNet] ASIC says financial market cyber resiliency remained steady but fell short of target

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The corporate watchdog said overly ambitious targets, a rise in cyber threats, and COVID-19 disruptions were to blame for the cyber resiliency shortfall. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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