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[HackerNews] Is Your Data Safe? Check Out Some Cybersecurity Master Classes

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Since cybersecurity is definitely an issue that’s here to stay, I’ve just checked out the recently released first episodes of Cato Networks Cybersecurity Master Class Series.  According to Cato, the series aims to teach and demonstrate cybersecurity tools and best practices; provide research and real-world case studies on cybersecurity; and bring the voices and opinions of […]

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[BleepingComputer] Microsoft: Scammers bypass Office 365 MFA in BEC attacks

Microsoft 365 Defender researchers have disrupted the cloud-based infrastructure used by scammers behind a recent large-scale business email compromise (BEC) campaign. […] Source: Read More (BleepingComputer)

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[SANS ISC] Securing and Optimizing Networks: Using pfSense Traffic Shaper Limiters to Combat Bufferbloat, (Mon, Feb 15th)

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[This is a guest diary by Yee Ching Tok (personal website here ( Feedback welcome either via comments or our contact page (] In light of recent challenges brought about by COVID-19, the need for remote work, meetings, training, and learning has increased exponentially. A secure and optimized network would certainly allow users to do […]

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