[ZDNet] Cybersecurity jobs: This is what we’re getting wrong when hiring – and here’s how to fix it

From demanding qualifications that few people have to expecting years of experience in new disciplines, businesses are making mistakes when advertising jobs – and it’s leaving IT security teams understaffed and exhausted.

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[ZDNet] Ukrainian man extradited to the US to face botnet, data theft charges

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[ThreatPost] WhatsApp Photo Filter Bug Allows Sensitive Info to Be Lifted

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[HackerNews] Critical Flaws Reported in Philips Vue PACS Medical Imaging Systems

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Multiple security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Philips Clinical Collaboration Platform Portal (aka Vue PACS), some of which could be exploited by an adversary to take control of an affected system. “Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an unauthorized person or process to eavesdrop, view or modify data, gain system access, perform code execution, […]

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