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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2021-02-04

Cybersecurity firm Stormshield hacked. Data (including source code) stolen French cybersecurity firm Stormshield has revealed that it has suffered a security breach, and hackers have accessed sensitive information. The company, which is a major provider to the French government, says that a hacker managed to steal data after gaining access to a portal used […]

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[TheRecord] Authorities arrest 23 suspects in Europe for COVID-19 email fraud

A series of raids carried out in the Netherlands, Romania, and Ireland on Tuesday resulted in the arrest of 23 individuals suspected of taking part in a “sophisticated fraud scheme” using compromised emails. The individuals being charged are believed to have defrauded companies in more than 20 countries out of approximately €1 million (about $1.2 […]

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[TheRecord] China’s Head of National Development and Reform tries to reassure Big Tech

The head of China’s National Development and Reform body held a press conference on Thursday aimed at reassuring Big Tech that Beijing will only crack down on ‘disorderly’ behavior and the government has no intention of quashing the private economy. “These [regulations] are targeting the ‘disorderly,’” Xu Shanchang told reporters in Beijing, according to Caixin […]

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