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[HackerNews] [LIVE WEBINAR] How Lean Security Teams Can Improve Their Time to Response

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Cybersecurity could be described as a marathon for security teams that spend most of their time building sustained defenses that prevent threats day after day. However, they must be ready to hit a sprint whenever an attack succeeds since attack duration, and the resulting damages are directly correlated.  Reacting to a successful attack is a […]

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[SANS ISC] Unsolicited DNS Queries, (Sat, Jul 31st)

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This week I started seeing more DNS related activity being identified by Threatintel and that got me curious. While reviewing my logs, I noticed that Wednesday and Thursday had an unusual spike for many inbound unsolicited DNS queries for the domain Wednesday and Thursday, in a period of 24 hours, a total of 1606 […]

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[SecurityWeek] Hungarian Official: Government Bought, Used Pegasus Spyware

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A senior official in Hungary’s governing party acknowledged for the first time on Thursday that the government purchased a powerful spyware tool, which was allegedly used to target journalists, businesspeople and an opposition politician. read more Source: Read More (SecurityWeek RSS Feed)

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