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[HackerNews] EBook – Creating a Large Company Security Stack on a Lean Company Budget

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The speed at which malicious actors have improved their attack tactics and continue to penetrate security systems has made going bigger the major trend in cybersecurity. Facing an evolving threat landscape, organizations have responded by building bigger security stacks, adding more tools and platforms, and making their defenses more complex—a new eBook from XDR provider […]

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[SANS ISC] In Memory of Alan Paller, (Thu, Nov 11th)

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I am sad to report that Alan Paller, founder of the SANS Institute, passed away. The Internet Storm Center was very much his brainchild, and he supported it over the years, never asking how it impacted SANS’s business. He understood the value of collaboration and was more interested in moving us forward as a community. His […]

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[TheRecord] Four ‘cybertrading’ scammers arrested in Bulgaria

Four suspects were arrested last month in Bulgaria for defrauding wannabe investors of millions of euros through a series of websites and call centers in a scheme that authorities described as cybertrading fraud. One German, one Israeli, and two Bulgarian nationals were detained on July 27 during a raid at a call center in Sofia, […]

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