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[HackerNews] Top 7 common Cybersecurity Myths — Busted

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Even with the growing awareness about cybersecurity, many myths about it are prevalent. These misconceptions can be a barrier to effective security.  The first step to ensure the security of your business is to separate the false information, myths, and rumors from the truth. Here, we’re busting some common cybersecurity myths. Read on to find […]

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[SANS ISC] Three Problems with Two Factor Authentication, (Tue, Aug 3rd)

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0 – Usability Usability remains a challenge for two-factor authentication. I recently came across a review of a healthcare-related mobile app, and a one-star review complained about how unusable the application is due to its two-factor requirement. I am sure the developer considered two-factor authentication a must due to the application storing sensitive medical data. The […]

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Daily NCSC-FI news followup 2019-10-13

Ruotsi aikoo sulkea kiinalaisen Huawein 5g-verkkojensa ulkopuolelle, kertoo SVT “Paniikkireaktio”, sanoo suomalaisprofessori Huippunopeisiin 5g-verkkoihin nojaavat tulevaisuudessa monet yhteiskunnan elintärkeät palvelut, ja siksi niiden turvallisuus on noussut keskusteluun. Uusi merkki kertoo, että tuotteen tietoturva on kunnossa Kodin älylaitteet ovat saamassa Kyberturvallisuuskeskukselta oman merkinnän, joka kertoisi laitteen perustietoturvan olevan kunnossa. Planting tiny spy chips in […]

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