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[HackerNews] Malicious Firefox Add-ons Block Browser From Downloading Security Updates

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Mozilla on Monday disclosed it blocked two malicious Firefox add-ons installed by 455,000 users that were found misusing the Proxy API to impede downloading updates to the browser. The two extensions in question, named Bypass and Bypass XM, “interfered with Firefox in a way that prevented users who had installed them from downloading updates, accessing […]

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[TheRecord] Google offers $1 million sponsorship to secure open source software

Google has announced today a $1 million sponsorship for a new pilot program aimed at enhancing the security of critical open source software projects. Named Secure Open Source (SOS), the program will be run by the Linux Foundation with initial sponsorship from the Google Open Source Security Team (GOSST). Through the program, Google aims to provide […]

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[ZDNet] Australia’s first data strategy to create ‘one-stop shop’ for accessing government data

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The national data strategy will aspire to make Australia a modern, data-driven society by 2030. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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