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[HackerNews] 10 Critical Flaws Found in CODESYS Industrial Automation Software

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Cybersecurity researchers on Thursday disclosed as many as ten critical vulnerabilities impacting CODESYS automation software that could be exploited to remote code execution on programmable logic controllers (PLCs). “To exploit the vulnerabilities, an attacker does not need a username or password; having network access to the industrial controller is enough,” researchers from Positive Source: Read […]

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[BleepingComputer] Windows 11 won’t work without a TPM – What you need to know

Windows 11 requires a TPM security processor to install or upgrade to Windows 11. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of confusion about what type of TPM you need and why you need it in the first place. […] Source: Read More (BleepingComputer)

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[ZDNet] Phishing attacks are harder to spot on your smartphone. That’s why hackers are using them more

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Cybersecurity researchers warn about a rise in cyber criminals going after mobile devices as a means of gaining entry to networks. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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