[HackerNews] Update Your Windows PCs to Patch 117 New Flaws, Including 9 Zero-Days

Microsoft rolled out Patch Tuesday updates for the month of July with fixes for a total of 117 security vulnerabilities, including nine zero-day flaws, of which four are said to be under active attacks in the wild, potentially enabling an adversary to take control of affected systems. 
Of the 117 issues, 13 are rated Critical, 103 are rated Important, and one is rated as Moderate in severity,

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[ThreatPost] AT&T Takes Steps to Mitigate Botnet Found Inside Its Network 

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AT&T is battling a modular malware called EwDoor on 5,700 VoIP servers, but it could have a larger wildcard certificate problem. Source: Read More (Threatpost)

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[ZDNet] GitHub shifts away from passwords with security key support for SSH Git operations

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Support has been added to bolster defense against account compromise. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in Security)

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[TheRecord] Piracy sites make more than $1 .3 billion from malicious and real ads

Online criminals reap an estimated $1.34 billion from websites and apps that feature pirated movies, TV shows, games, and live events, according to a year-long study published Thursday by the nonprofit Digital Citizens Alliance and anti-piracy firm White Bullet. About one-third of piracy websites and apps analyzed during the study carried “malvertising”—fake ads, fraudulent promotions, […]

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