[HackerNews] Trickbot Malware Returns with a new VNC Module to Spy on its Victims

Cybersecurity researchers have opened the lid on the continued resurgence of the insidious TrickBot malware, making it clear that the Russia-based transnational cybercrime group is working behind the scenes to revamp its attack infrastructure in response to recent counter efforts from law enforcement.
“The new capabilities discovered are used to monitor and gather intelligence on victims, using

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[ZDNet] 446 Australian breach notifications with 30% of system faults found after a year

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976 data breach notifications were made to the OAIC in the 2020-21 financial year, with health keeping its crown as the most breached sector. In the second half of the year, 30% of entities reported an incident due to a system fault they found 12 months later. Source: Read More (Latest topics for ZDNet in […]

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[HackerNews] New Google Scorecards Tool Scans Open-Source Software for More Security Risks

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Google has launched an¬†updated version of Scorecards, its automated security tool that produces a “risk score” for open source initiatives, with improved checks and capabilities to make the data generated by the utility accessible for analysis. “With so much software today relying on open-source projects, consumers need an easy way to judge whether their dependencies […]

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